What colours suit you best?

Occasionally I will find a dreamy dress or a beautiful coat. Sometimes I might even see other people walking round in the coat that I really want. But when I get into the shop and finally try it on it looks absolutely horrible. However, if I try it in a lighter colour I notice that It always looks better. For quite a long time I was oblivious to the fact that the colour of clothing can really change your appearance. My mum who is also blonde like me suits pink. I notice whenever she wears pink she gets so many compliments. Its as if the pink brings out the colour of her blue eyes and makes her skin radiant.

Now obviously when finding the colour that suits you the best you have to take in all the other aspects as well such as eye colour and skin tone. I remember once wearing a bright orange jumper. I look back on it now at the pictures and oh my it made me look ill! My skin looks so pale and my blue eyes look barely noticeable. However, some people can absolutely rock an orange jumper.

This is all a personal preference because you can wear what they like. As long as you like what you’re wearing and feel good in it it doesn’t matter what colour. But for myself, I like to know what I’m wearing suits me. So my favourite colours to wear are light pastel colours, nudes and White. Now I’m not saying I will avoid all other colours but when I go shopping these are the colours I focus on the most. I guess it’s trial and error and you should find things that make you feel good. So, down below I’m going to list some colours that may suit your hair colour. Try it and let me know. Again this is just my personal opinion you may disagree.

Blonde hair – Pastel pinks, light blues, brown, beige, light green, turquoise, pale purple and a little red.

Brunette hair – Deep pinks, bright blues, greens with a yellow undertone, bright red, burgundy and plum.

Black hair – bright colours such as red, jewel tones, blue, turquoise and green, bright pink, berry colours, bright yellow and plum.

Red hair – green purple, blue, red, white and black

My Evening Skincare Routine

Sometimes I think I actually prefer taking my make-up off more than I enjoy applying it. I find removing my make-up very therapeutic because I have made a routine that I thoroughly enjoy.

How I cleared my skin with a product that cost £0.42 from Tesco!

So I had beautiful radiant skin up to the age of about 13 and then I started breaking out really bad all over my face. I tried every wash and cream for spots and even went to the doctor about it. They put me on medication for it that worked for a while but then the spots started to occur again. So…

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