How I cleared my skin with a product that cost £0.42 from Tesco!

So I had beautiful radiant skin up to the age of about 13 and then I started breaking out really bad all over my face. I tried every wash and cream for spots and even went to the doctor about it. They put me on medication for it that worked for a while but then the spots started to occur again. So I just stopped taking the medication.

I don’t have oil or dry skin just in the middle. So I wasn’t really sure what caused it. Then I started using this dove soap bar on my face in the shower. I did previously already use it on my body but I thought I’d try it on my face. Over a long period of time I started to realise that this soap bar is clearing my skin up.

So now every morning the first thing I do is wash my face with it and then I use it again in my evening skincare routine. I find if I use new face washes or scrubs I break out and it really irritates my skin. However, my skin will still break out if I have been eating lots of rubbish food or I’ve been stressed but apart from that my skin is usually clear. Now you may be able to use different types of soap bars but this is the one that works best for me. I will also exfoliate once a week with Liz Earl exfoliator as this is another product I find that won’t break my skin out.

My Evening Skincare Routine

Sometimes I think I actually prefer taking my make-up off more than I enjoy applying it. I find removing my make-up very therapeutic because I have made a routine that I thoroughly enjoy.

What Colours Suit you best?

Now obviously when finding the colour that suits you the best you have to take in all the other aspects as well such as eye colour and skin tone. I remember once wearing a bright orange jumper…

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