My Evening Skincare Routine

Sometimes I think I actually prefer taking my make-up off more than I enjoy applying it. I find removing my make-up very therapeutic because I have made a routine that I thoroughly enjoy.

So, the first thing I do is remove my false eyelashes if I decided to wear them that day. I ensure that I get all of the old glue off and brush them with an eyelash brush before putting them away. This just makes them nice for the next time I use them. I take a small amount of coconut oil and rub it over my eyes and face to remove all of my make-up.

Next, I get my cotton pad (reusable ones) and wipe off as much make-up as possible. Using coconut oil on your face may not be for everyone I know some rumours say it blocks your pores but I’ve been using it to remove make-up since I’ve been wearing make-up! I just find it easy and gentle on my skin.

WARNING (for people that fake tan their face)coconut oil will remove fake tan.

Now for my favourite step washing it all off. I use my dove soap bar and apply the soap all over my face. Then I will splash my face with water. I usually do a second wash with the Dove soap bar as well except when taking removing the soap I use a flannel. This helps me know if I have removed all of the make-up.

Once I have patted my face dry with a towel I will apply some Liz Earl instant boost skin tonic to a reusable pad and apply this to my face. I will leave this to dry and I won’t go in with my last step for another hour or so.

The last thing I do is apply moisturiser. I switch between two moisturisers depending on how dry my skin is. But the one I am using currently is the Liz Earl super skin moisturiser. But on days where my skin isn’t as dry, I might use something lighter such as the simple hydrating light moisturiser. Lastly, I moisturise my lips with Nivea lip butter in berry blush.

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