Why you should keep your goals on the down low…

I always have goals and aspirations. I have my big life goals so what I’d like to do as a career, then my not so big more just for fun life goals such as running a marathon and then I have my smaller more weekly goals. Every Sunday night I write down my plan for the week and all the things I need to accomplish by the end of the week. Usually, they are my assignments for college and a couple of runs but all of my smaller/weekly goals all help me get closer to my bigger goals in life.

Having aspirations and goals in life help me to keep motivated on the down days when I don’t feel too good or even when I have setbacks. I would describe myself as a very motivated person so I don’t give up easily. I put that down to my stubbornness. Although I hate being stubborn sometimes in this particular area it is useful for achieving goals.

However, good it is to have all these goals in life you must know how to handle them to avoid disappointment of discouragement from others. I found from previous experiences of telling people about my life goals that a lot of the time people will put them down. This could be a reflection of their feelings or because they don’t see or know your potential. So you must pick wisely who you tell them to avoid these situations.

Another problem is that you may come across the “copy cats”. People which I cannot stand! I mean I don’t mind when people want to know where a piece of clothing is from or a pair of shoes but when people deliberately copy everything you do it drives me insane. My mum used to tell me to see it as a complement which I guess it is but it is still annoying after a while. This may not annoy everyone and some people might like it. I have quite a big perfume collection and whenever I go out I usually get asked what perfume i’m wearing because they smell good. Now I will bitterly admit it but back when I was at school I used to say that I couldn’t remember what it was called. I think perfume is personal and the thought of having someone else walk round school smelling of my favourite perfume and potentially ruining it for me was too much lol.

Now after you have picked wisely who you tell your goals too you must think about how much you tell those people for a couple of reasons. One being you may never reach that goal and it could be embarrassing for you or because your goals may change as your get older. I just tell close friends and family what my goals are and luckily for me they are very encouraging.

What if you have already made the mistake and told people then been through all of the above well don’t worry. Whenever someone tells me I can’t do something whether they are trying to be supportive or just being a complete twat it always makes me more determined to do it more. One of my favourite things is proving people wrong. So you should use that same attitude.

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