5 Tips On Staying Motivated When Working/Studying From Home

When coronavirus arose my college closed down and we all had to study from home. At first, I found it very exciting as it felt like an early summer but I soon realised the reality of it. Working from home is stressful, hard work and challenging. I really took for granted my teacher as sheContinue reading “5 Tips On Staying Motivated When Working/Studying From Home”

Why you should keep your goals on the down low…

I always have goals and aspirations. I have my big life goals so what I’d like to do as a career, then my not so big more just for fun life goals such as running a marathon and then I have my smaller more weekly goals. Every Sunday night I write down my plan forContinue reading “Why you should keep your goals on the down low…”

How I cleared my skin with a product that cost £0.42 from Tesco!

So I had beautiful radiant skin up to the age of about 13 and then I started breaking out really bad all over my face. I tried every wash and cream for spots and even went to the doctor about it. They put me on medication for it that worked for a while but thenContinue reading “How I cleared my skin with a product that cost £0.42 from Tesco!”

My Evening Skincare Routine

Sometimes I think I actually prefer taking my make-up off more than I enjoy applying it. I find removing my make-up very therapeutic because I have made a routine that I thoroughly enjoy. So, the first thing I do is remove my false eyelashes if I decided to wear them that day. I ensure thatContinue reading “My Evening Skincare Routine”

What colours suit you best?

Occasionally I will find a dreamy dress or a beautiful coat. Sometimes I might even see other people walking round in the coat that I really want. But when I get into the shop and finally try it on it looks absolutely horrible. However, if I try it in a lighter colour I notice thatContinue reading “What colours suit you best?”